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Need help?

Dr. Johnson provides individual psychotherapy to residents of New Jersey. If you are interested in learning more or are interested in setting up a free consultation call with Dr. Johnson, please visit his Psychology Today profile here.

If you have thoughts about or have engaged in suicidal or self-injurious behavior and believe that you are in danger, please contact:

  • Your treating therapist

  • The National Suicide Prevention Lifeline at 988

  • (if local) The Hotline at New Bridge Medical Center (Bergen County) at 201-262-4357, 24 hours/day

If you require medical attention, please call 9-1-1.

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Statistical Consultation

Dr. Johnson provides assistance regarding data analysis for research.  This service can aid undergraduate and graduate students in research projects (e.g., dissertations) or independent researchers.  Examples of consultation topics include:

  • Correlation

  • Regression (linear, multiple, hierarchical)

  • Group comparisons (t-tests, ANOVA)

  • Factor analysis

  • Structural equation modeling (cross-sectional and longitudinal)

  • Latent class/profile analysis

  • Longitudinal analysis (e.g., smartphone research, RM-ANOVA)

  • Chi-square analysis

  • Interpretation of findings

  • Write-up of findings

Dr. Johnson provides 1 hour of free remote (Zoom-based) consultation.  Consultation beyond the initial hour is available for a fee.  

Student fee: $40/hr 

Independent researcher fee: $150/hr

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Postdoctoral Fellowship/Early Career Position Listserv

Dr. Johnson moderates a listserv (via Google Groups) where postdoctoral fellowship and early career positions in clinical and/or school psychology are shared.  If you are interested in joining the listserv, please go to: and click "Join Group" to receive these postings.  

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